gypsies standing along wall

Europe Scams

The gypsies are the biggest scam artists in Europe. On average, each gypsy scams 300-400 Euros a day from unsuspecting tourists. Most of that money goes back to the gypsy gang leader in Romania. Generally a gypsy gang leader will have 12-15 underlings working various tourist areas in Europe. We have run into many different …

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Bali resort room and pool

Bali Massage

Massages in Ubud, Bali “Can we get a massage tonight”, I asked the front desk clerk. He looked at his watch and said, “Yes, we can arrange that for you. Someone will come for you at 8pm.” We had just arrived at JJ Villa and Spa Resort a low keyed Balinese resort owned and operated …

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Hoi An Vietnam group laughing

Travel is Happiness

Travel equals happiness. It is a scientific fact. Recent studies show that experiences are a key factor for creating and sustaining happiness; far more than material things. This is what I found out taking, The Science of Wellness, a course offered by Yale University through Coursera. (In keeping with our budget travel blog philosophy you …

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Travel vs Vacation

Travel vs Vacation

The Differences Between Travel and a Vacation What is the Main Difference Between Travel and Vacation? Travel and vacations are different things but they do have one thing in common; they refresh you. Vacations are a getaway for a week or two or even a month to recharge your batteries. A place to rest and …

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