Cozumel Mexico Cruise Port

The Best Beach Near Cozumel Cruise Port

We have been to Cozumel a few times on cruises. Unfortunately the six hours that you are on the island is not a lot of time to do things. 

There is a great spot to snorkel and scuba dive just a 20 minute walk from the cruise terminal. The funny thing is that people pay $80-$120 each for a tour that takes you snorkelling or scuba diving to the same place. And it takes 4 hours. 

The tour consists of getting off the ship, standing in line, getting on a bus that takes you to a marina where you get on a tour boat that takes you to the snorkelling area within sight of the cruise ship. Of course you get a bus ride, a boat ride, an uninspiring lunch and non-alcoholic drinks. 

We walked 20 minutes to the Sunshine Restaurant and spent a couple of hours there. Here you can rent snorkelling or scuba equipment, have a massage, and eat and drink.  I rented snorkelling gear for $10 and Loie had a massage while I snorkelled and we had a fabulous lunch with drinks for a total of $70. We saved over $100 over taking a tour organized by the ship. Massage
Some of the best snorkelling on Cozumel within sight of the Cruise Ship. You can also have a hour massage for $40.
Sunset Restaurante on Cozumel Mexico
Why go any farther in your short time on Cozumel
Cozumel Mexico Pina Colada
The food is great and so are the drinks. A refreshing Piña Cola
Sunset Restaurante snorkling area Cozumel Mexico
The roped off snorkelling and diving area at Sunset Restaurant. There is an entire underwater park with submerged lights that attracts colourful fish.
modern fish mural Cozumel Mexico
Coral Reefs monument Cozumel Mexico
Coral Reefs Monument
cruise terminal shops Cozumel Mexico
Shops at the cruise terminal

Cozumel Mexico Things to Do

If you want to walk along the shopping area in San Miguel de Cozumel you can catch a taxi for $5 that will drop you off along the Malecon. Make sure you negotiate a price before getting into the taxi. There are the usual tourist shops; jewelry, bags, T-shirts, and trinkets. 

While walking along the Malecon across from the shops, a young man yelled over to us and crossed the road. “Hi, its Roberto. I am one of your servers on the ship. I have the afternoon off and I am just visiting my grandfather who owns that jewelry shop. Do you want to come and take a look?”

At first we believed him but then quickly realized it was a selling technique. We told him that we were just walking but we would stop in on the way back. 

1. Tours by Locals

Tours by Locals offers 13 different tours offered using 4 local guides. Click here to go to the website: Tours by Locals

2. Rent a Scooter

There are a number of places to rent scooters. Walk out of the cruise ship terminal, turn left then take the first right. You will find several scooter rental places. 

Because you are only renting for about 4 hours you should be able to get a scooter for $20-30. Depending on the day, you might be able to haggle a bit lower.

The ring road around the island is 63 km (38 miles). The speed limit is 60kph (36 mph). There are police so take your time.

There is only one road so you can’t get lost. The traffic around the island is light. Most of the island is undeveloped so there are lots of secluded beaches and interesting places to stop along the way. You can easily tour the island in 3-4 hours with stops along the way. (Remember though, you only have 6 hours so any problems along the way is going to be a problem if you are not back to the ship in time. Cruise lines will not wait for you if you are late unless it is a tour organized by them.

 3. Visit One of the Beach Clubs

On the southwest part of the island there are a number of all inclusive beach clubs. You can take a taxi there and back for about $20. 

The clubs charge $60 for the day. This includes the use of all facilities including beach chairs and umbrellas, pools, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food. The clubs also offer other activities such as scuba diving, ATV rentals, parasailing and massages for an additional fee.

Cozumel Mexico Cruise Port Map

Cozumel is an island off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Most of the island is undeveloped. The population is 100,000 people with 80,000 living in the main city of San Miguel de Cozumel. Cozumel is one of the world’s most popular cruise ship stops. Some days there are up to 8 ships docked. Over 1.4 million cruise passengers on over 400 cruise ships visit here every year.  The island is quite different than the mainland. The people are more laid back and not as pushy. The driest and least humid months are January to April.

Is It Safe on Cozumel?

Cozumel is one of the most visited places in Mexico for cruisers. It is safe by general standards. Be careful of scams and only book tours through legitimate companies.