Slow Travel on a Budget

Budget slow travel plane parked on a beach

Travel blogs started as personal travel diaries. The first Internet travel bloggers began in 1995 when the Internet was first developed. They were people who travelled and wanted to share their travels with their friends and relatives through websites like Dedicated travel blog websites began showing up in 2009.

Beginning Blog

My wife and I retired in 2010 at age 55 and began travelling the world. We chose Facebook as the sharing medium to place pictures and comments on our travels. My family and friends loved them and I had great enjoyment doing it. Over the years many of our friends encouraged us to write a book (or website) about all the experiences we have had and all the money saving tips that we shared with them. 

Our last international trip prior to the pandemic was in January and February 2020 to Panama. When we got back, the worldwide pandemic had been declared. It was a good time to start a travel blog after ten years of constant travel and experiences with my wife and another ten years of travel on the horizon. 

What’s missing

I read a lot of travel blogs on the Internet. Most of them are geared towards the young hostel staying adventurer. Many of them could be thought of as their prelude to adulthood. That first step outside of the home before the responsibilities of adulthood. What was missing was the travel blog for the adult that had finished the responsibilities of adulthood. The children were raised and on their own. The 30-40 year career was over. Now it was time to travel.

Blog Focus

My blog focuses on the concept of slow travel on a budget. The two concepts have a synergy. Slow travel is a cheaper way to travel and a far smaller budget is needed. I try to focus on two distinct groups; young people that have time – gap year – and little money and seniors that have time and a little more money but not unlimited funds. Time and small budgets.

Cultural Travel

Our travel is not about completing a list of epic 100 top things to do or to be able to say we have travelled to 55 countries. We travel to live our normal day-to-day life in another locale in the world for a longer length of time than someone on vacation. We rent a house or apartment and set up house in areas that we are interested in exploring and learning about the culture of the land. This includes the history, art, music, stories, and food of the area.

We take our time and explore the area thoroughly and gain an understanding of the culture. Learning other ways of doing things. Learning to appreciate the greatness of each culture and having new experiences on a daily basis. 

Tips and Hacks

I hope that I can give you important travel tips and hacks as you read my posts on Budget Slow Travel.